Whiskey Tours

Here are a list of upcoming whiskey tours for 2020. We would be excited for you to join us!

Kentucky Bourbon Trail Insider’s Tour

A great long weekend in Kentucky visiting some of the best newer and older distilleries! On this trip we will also get to do a barrel pick which is super exciting. VIP visits, cooperage, great food - it really is a lot of fun. And not to be missed.

Grand Coastal Whisky Tour of Scotland

An incredible itinerary that goes from Campbeltown to the Orkney Islands. Beautiful scenery and incredible whisky visits including Glen Scotia, Springbank, Oban, Tobermory, Talisker, Highland Park and many others. This 9-night trip is an epic one.

Islay, Scotland

Join 9 Maple and Rascal + Thorn as we head back to Islay to re-discover all that is great about smoky (peated) whisky! We visit all 9 of the distilleries during this 8-night trip. 3 nights in Glasgow and 5 nights on Islay. A stunning trip.

Japan & Ski Whisky Tour

We head to Japan to ski the best slopes and drink the best whisky! Skiing in Hokkaido and visits to the Chichibu and Yoichi Distillies. And to top it off, we will attend the Chichibu Whisky Festival on our last day.

Whiskey Tour of Ireland

We head back to Ireland with 9 Maple Ave. This time we hit Northern Ireland, the land of Bushmills! 9 nights, some great Irish distilleries and lots of cultural and natural sights along the way.

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