Whiskey Tours

Here are a list of upcoming whiskey tours for 2019. We would be excited for you to join us!

Kentucky Bourbon Trail Insider’s Tour

A fun weekend on the Bourbon Trail in Kentucky. We will visit some of the new distilleries that now dot the trail as well as some of the classics. A great group dynamic makes this long whiskey weekend special!

Coastal Whisky Tour of Scotland

A unique whisky adventure from the Orkney Islands to the end of the Kintyre Peninsula. We visit some great distilleries including Highland Park, Talisker, Oban and many others.

Ireland Whiskey Tour

Join 9 Maple and Rascal + Thorn in Ireland to unveil the Irish Whiskey Renaissance. From new to old, Ireland is the fastest growing whiskey producer in the world. A very fun trip!

Japan Whisky Tour

We head back to Japan on another great Whisky Tour! Filled with distillery visits, special whisky bars, great food and so much more. A great way to visit and see the real Japan in the remote areas where whisky is made.

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