Tasting #68: A Campbeltown Celebration


On Wednesday, January 20th, the Saratoga Whiskey Club had its 68th tasting. The focus of this tasting was Campbeltown. It was a true Celebration of some really fantastic whiskies that were collected by the club over the last year. From Festival bottles to a very special Scotch Malt Whisky Society gift, this tasting was one of the best we have had as a club. We were joined by both Tom Smith and Ben Diedrich from the Scotch Malt Whisky Society to go through some of their casks, but also just to be with us to enjoy this really fun evening.

Here is what we tasted.

  • Glen Scotia 14 Year Campbeltown Festival 2020 Bottling
  • SMWS 93.128 ‘Smoke and smugglers’ Glen Scotia 17 Year
  • SMWS 93.140 ‘Bacon on a bonfire’ Glen Scotia 17 Year Tasting Panel Experience
  • Springbank 12 Year Cask Strength
  • Springbank 12 Year Burgundy Cask
  • Springbank 14 Year Bourbon Wood
  • SMWS 27.113 ‘What a song and dance’ Springbank 26 Year

32 members were online for this really great tasting.

YouTube video: YouTube Video

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