Tasting #55: Dusty Bourbons


On Wednesday, July 8th, the Saratoga Whiskey Club had its 55th tasting. This was a very special tasting with some older Bourbons. Most of these bottlings were purchased in Japan during a pop-up Dusty Bourbon sale in Kyoto. We matched these with a couple of older bottlings from here in the US and it made for a special evening.

Here is what we tasted:

  • Old Fitzgerald Prime
  • Wild Turkey 1994 Tradition – Export Bottling
  • Wild Turkey 8 Year Japanese Release from the 80s
  • Wild Turkey 8 Year US Release from 1965
  • Wild Turkey 12 Year Japanese Release from the 90s
  • Maker’s Mark Japanese Release from 1995

35 members were online using Zoom for this really fun tasting.

For scores, please visit our Scores page.