Tasting #51: In Situ Mezcal Tasting


On Tuesday, May 5th – Cinco de Mayo, the Saratoga Whiskey Club had its 51st tasting. It was our third virtual tasting since the Corona virus shutdown. The tasting’s focus was very new! Mezcal! We sampled six different mezcales from Oaxaca that were brought back from a Mezcal Tour in February. We were joined by Ulises Torrentera, a Mezcal superstar and owner of the In Situ Bar and Mezcaleria in Oaxaca. It was a very educational evening and the samplings were fantastic.

Here is what we tasted:

  • Pura Vida Cocktail – Del Maguey Vida, Campari, Carpano Antica Formula
  • Del Maguey Chichicapa Mezcal
  • In Situ A. convallis Marrano 
  • In Situ A. rhodacantha Mexicano Criollo
  • In Situ A. marmorata Tepextate
  • In Situ A. karwinskii Madrecuixe
  • In Situ A. potatorum Tobala
  • Lalocura Pechuga

36 members were online using Zoom for this tasting.