Tasting #43: Blind Bottled In Bond


On Wednesday, December 18th, the Saratoga Whiskey Club had its 43rd tasting! The theme of this tasting was a Blind Bottled In Bond tasting. We not only did this blind (not knowing the names of the whiskies), but people had different placemats too so nobody could compare with each other. 27 members were in attendance for this outing!

Here is a list of the whiskies we tasted:

  • Evan Williams Bottled In Bond
  • JTS Brown Bottled In Bond
  • Old Grand Dad Bottled In Bond
  • Barton’s 1792 Bottled In Bond
  • George Dickel Bottled In Bond
  • Colonel EH Taylor Small Batch Bottled In Bond
  • Early Times Bottled In Bond

It was a fantastic night of tasting different Bourbons and Tennessee whiskies that were all Bottled In Bond. A really fun format that we will continue doing for sure. 

Check out the scores! Scores