April 2018 Tasting Recaps

April 2018 Tasting Recaps

April 2018 Tasting Recaps

The Saratoga Whiskey Club had a very busy Spring in 2018 with 3 different events in April.

On April 11, Southern Glazer’s Wine & Spirits had Pete from Pernod Ricard in Saratoga Springs for tasting #17 at Bailey’s.  Four different great whiskies were tasted along with great appetizers from Bailey’s.  Thanks to Meghan for putting this together for us!!

Throughout April we also had home screenings of the Bourbon documentary NEAT: The Story of Bourbon.  This was tasting #18 for the club.  We paired different bourbons with different parts of the documentary which was a lot of fun.  Each house was very different with food & drink.  It’s a great documentary and we highly recommend it.

At the end of April the Saratoga Whiskey Club filled its own barrel of whiskey at the Albany Distilling Company.  We had a great day distilling whiskey for our barrel and learning what it takes to fill a 53-gallon barrel.  We all got to sign the barrel and now get to wait at least four years to decide what to do with it, other than drink it!

May is turning out to be a very busy one as well.

It was a great month!  Stay tuned for more from May.