Saratoga Whiskey Club 2022 Membership

Hi everyone,

2022 will be an exciting year for whiskey enthusiasts! More single barrel picks, events and lots of tastings. I am really excited to start another year of whiskey discovery. Below is a PDF of the membership and waiver forms for 2022. I will need a copy signed by everyone for 2022. This is really important. Also, if you have leftover funds from 2021, I can apply these to 2022 obviously. If you need to know your balance, just reach out to me.

Also we have a special bottle made for the club for 2022. It was a partnership barrel with the Old Line Scotch Club, another whiskey club in Maryland with about 125 members. We split a Madeira-finished American Single Malt barrel with them and it is absolutely delicious. I just went down there last week to pick it all up. The only caveat is that there are only 80 bottles, so first come, first serve. One per member unless there are left over bottles after membership. See pic below for bottle shots and information. Price info on the Membership Form.

I look forward to another year and to great friendships! Cheers! Charles


2022 Membership Form – SWC