Hillrock Estate Distillery Visit – January 28, 2017

Distillery Visits

A group of us from the Saratoga Whiskey Club visited the Hillrock Estate Distillery on Saturday, January 28th, 2017.

Our day started with a great lunch at Fish & Game in Hudson, NY, and continued with a 2pm tour and tasting at Hillrock.  Our guide, Bobby Haight, did a good job explaining the process at Hillrock.  It was an interesting day as they had malted some rye which is not something you normally see.  The visit ended with a tasting of 5 different Hillrock expressions and we had some local cheeses to taste as well.  We also talked with Tim, the operations manager, who answered a lot of our questions and gave us some insight into Hillrock’s future plans.  It is a great distillery.

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